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Modelant: Slot artisans.


Our hobby dates back to the mid-60s, when Joan, my father, at the age of 14, managed to buy a set of Scalextric TC600 with his savings. Sabadell was one of the driving cities of the competition in our country, through locals such as El Ciervo and Trelec, and soon his collection increased and numerous victories arrived, with “tricked” cars with Austin Healey guides, BRM axles, and lowered to the bare minimum.

This hobby, how could it be otherwise, was transmitted to me with passion. In the mid-1980s, together with Santi Ferràn, my primary school teacher, we promoted for several years a championship at the Salesian School of Sabadell, which had the largest 8-lane track in Europe built to date. Thanks to the transfer of tracks from the students and lots of hours of assembly and testing. Soon came Spanish and European championships, which my father, my brother Marc and I attended for a decade and a half, achieving a 1/24 scale Spanish Championship in 2009, a European team runner-up championship, and several victories in the national resistance. At the same time and during these years, we won numerous awards for decoration and “scratch & building”, a trend that was the basis of our true passion: collecting and exclusive pieces.


Modelant is a small family business located in Sabadell (Barcelona), and designed to develop and create slot cars in high quality resin in a completely handmade way following traditional methods, both in the gestation and in the elaboration of its models.

We have more than 20 years of professional experience in the slot world, both at the artisanal level as a Cursa Models worker since 2001 with small artisan productions, and at an industrial level in Power Slot until 2010, with large productions and modern technologies. In this adventure, which began in 2011, our goal is to offer the collector faithful replicas of 1/32 scale slot vehicles in resin, never done before, exclusive and with historical interest.

Modelant: the tradition of handmade.


For this we renounce computer-aided design and 3D techniques, using development methods that even current artisans define as primitive: starting from plans and dimensions. We model from scratch with hand tools. This gives that special character to our cars, which are created with passion just as their 1/1 namesakes were done. Slot Artisans.

Another distinguishing feature of Modelant is that all our cars are made entirely in our Sabadell workshop, from injection to packaging, through painting, decoration and assembly.

Another of our premises is sustainability, since most of the materials we use, from resin to paint and packaging are local products, and recyclable, helping to take care of the environment. Our commitment is to manufacture our cars with the least environmental impact. This includes both the materials, such as the selection of external suppliers, and the workshop and our work instruments.



My name is Albert Jobal and I am the founder and modeler. I studied industrial and textile engineering in Terrassa, specialized in materials and fibers.

I like everything that has wheels for as long as I can remember. When I have a little free time I like to go for a walk in the woods with my wife Anna and my dogs.

Albert Jobal. Modelmaker and founder of Modelant.



The culpable of my hobby of slot. Throughout his life he has been a great coach of mechanics used in competition teams, achieving multiple victories in Spanish championships.

Retired, although he continues to be a reference for me and an essential moral support. He is passionate about cars, old clocks and his pets.

Joan Jobal


She is my wife and the one who takes care of publicity, social networks and logistics and parcels.

A source of inspiration, an essential support and an inexhaustible source of patience. She loves discovering new places, enjoying his pets and pizzas.



My brother and my favorite test driver, much of the production goes through his hands and an excellent computer scientist. Without him I would not have been able to finish this website …

A sound and stage technician, he is a great musician, an excellent pianist and an even better guitarist.

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