Modelant is a small family business located in Sabadell, Barcelona, and designed to develop and create high-quality resin slot cars in a completely artisanal way following traditional methods both in development and in the elaboration of their models.

We have more than 20 years of professional experience in the slot world, both at the artisan level with small artisan productions, and at the industrial level with large productions and modern technologies. In this company, begun in 2011, our purpose is to offer the collector faithful replicas of 1/32 scale slot vehicles that are not done and with historical interest.

To do this, we renounce computer-aided design and 3D techniques, using development methods that even current artisans define as primitive: starting from plans and dimensions, we model from scratch with manual tools. This gives that special character to our cars, which are created with passion just as their 1/1 equivalents were in their day.

Another differentiating sign of Modelant is that all our cars are made entirely in our Sabadell workshop, from injection or casting to packaging, through painting, decoration and assembly.

Albert Jobal, Marc Jobal y Joan Jobal

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