Colin Chapman


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Colin Chapman

1/32 scale figure


One of the fundamental names in motorsport history is undoubtedly Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman, an aeronautical engineer known for being the founder of Lotus, with which he won seven world championships for Formula 1 builders, six for drivers, and the Indianapolis 500 milles between 1962 and 1978. Colin Chapman introduced concepts that changed the course of Formula 1 history, advances like ground effect, active suspensions, and rear suspensions anchored directly to the gearbox are some examples of his ingenuity.

At Modelant we have been inspired by the bronze sculpted statue by artist David Anand in 1998, located on the Mallory Park circuit in Leicestershire, which showh the typical celebration of the victories of his cars, with his arms raised, before the traditional gesture of throwing the cap into the air.

The figure has been modeled by Mystical World Miniatures sculptor Ismael Prieto and is presented in an elegant wooden case and limited to 100 numbered units.

* The Lotus JPS MK4 from Scalextric Exin Ref. 4059 has been used as a model for photos. Model not included.


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