Ferrari 410S

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Ferrari 410S

Ferrari 410 S – Juan Manuel Fangio – Eugenio Castellotti

1000 Kms Buenos Aires 1956

Ferrari 410 S

In our replica we wanted to convey that spectacular image that the Ferrari 410S transmits on the track, in the words of Carroll Shelby: the best and the largest Ferrari I have ever driven. Strictly respecting the 1/32 scale and using resins of the best current quality, it has been modeled by hand, without assistance of any kind, giving that special character that its 1/1 namesake has.

Manufacturing, following our tradition, has been carried out entirely in our Sabadell workshop, from injection or casting to packaging, through painting, decoration and assembly.

The production of the Ferrari 410 S is limited and numbered to 150 units, and showed in the elegant wooden box with a resin diorama as a display stand.

Ferrari 410 S Ferrari 410 S

January 2018


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