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PRE-ORDER. The first batch is sold out. We are working on the second batch of 50 cars out of 100. We hope to finish it in two weeks. Order now and expect shipping in the third week of May.

FORD J-CAR Le Mans test 1966 Bruce McLaren – Chris Amon

This Ford J-Car is a 1/32 scale slot replica and is commissioned by Electric Dreams, as a commemoration of its 30th anniversary.

After the visit of the US representative to our Sabadell workshop on December 21, we agreed to make an exclusive model. A model that was related to Carroll Shelby and Ken Miles, two authentic American myths. The chosen car was the Ford J, a racing car that can be included in our collection forgotten stories which was a key test bench for the outcome of Ford’s fight against Ferrari at Le Mans: SeeHISTORICAL FILE.

Following our custom, we have made the modeling by hand, maintaining the maximum fidelity of reproduction and respecting the accuracy of the 1/32 scale to achieve a replica that is as accurate as possible. Made up of more than 80 pieces made by hand and assembled one by one in our workshop in Sabadell.

For the first time we have the collaboration of the renowned artist Diego Serrano, who has made a magnificent pencil and nib print that illustrates the scene represented by the resin diorama. Both, print and diorama, are included together with the luxurious walnut trunk-type wooden box.

This is a limited and numbered edition. One hundred copies have been made, but only 50 are available. The other half have gone to California for Electric Dreams.

April 30, 2023


April 30, 2023.

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