Auto Avio Costruzioni 815 Coda Lunga

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10th Anniversary Modelant

Auto Avio Costruzioni 815 Coda Lunga – Lotario Rangoni, Mille Miglia 1940


The Auto Avio 815 was our first model, launched in 2012. Model that we sold quite quickly and that is difficult to find, that is why we often receive inquiries about a possible reissue. Those who know our philosophy know that this is not possible, since above all we want to respect the collector, and if we promised a limited series, we cannot make more units.

However, we have found the formula that will satisfy both those who bought our first Auto Avio, as well as those who were left without it, and those who are looking for a piece of craftsmanship with historical interest. And it is that Enzo Ferrari built two units of the Auto Avio, and both were clearly different. If in 2012 we reproduced the short-tail version piloted by Alberto Ascari in the 1940 Mille Miglia, today we want to celebrate our 10th anniversary by building the other version, that was really the first to be projected: the Auto Avio Costruzioni 815 Coda Lunga piloted by the Marquis of Modena Lotario Rangoni.

As we did in 2012, we have applied all our philosophy to create a purely handmade slot car. Designed from photographs and plans, modeled at a strict 1/32 scale from a block of putty using only manual tools, avoiding computer assistance or industrial machinery, and manufactured in a traditional way, one by one and completely by hand.

Our replica has wanted to be faithful to the original model created by Enzo Ferrari in 1940, that is why you can sometimes find certain differences with the photographs of the current restoration of the short tail (the long tail was destroyed a few years later), such as the inclusion of an interior rear-view mirror, the inclination of the windshield, front turn signals and rear lights or the front and rear license plate holders, necessary to comply with current traffic regulations, as well as the ‘815’ logo, which did not exist in its origin.

For display the Coda Lunga, we have made a diorama that reproduces the legendary wooden platform used to take the start in the Mille Miglia of the time. All this served in a trunk-like wooden box already seen in the Porsche 718 W-RS, but with a varnished light pine finish exclusive for the 10th anniversary.

Historical sheet

Production is limited to 150 numbered units.

July 2022.

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