Porsche 718 W-RS – Le Mans 1963

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Porsche 718 W-RS – Le Mans 1963

With this Porsche 718 W-RS we are going to start the first reference of a very peculiar collection, where we are going to rescue incredible stories hidden by time.

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PORSCHE 718 W-RS – Le Mans 1963

Porsche 718 W-RS

Edgar Barth / Herbert Linge

This Porsche, our first “non italian”, is a very special model for us. It has been one of the most complicated developments, and probably the most complex and detailed mold that we have created so far. Each bend, each surface, contains a strong personality, directly evolved from the mythical 550 Spyder, and we believe that we have transmitted maintaining the maximum fidelity to the 1/32 scale. Hand-modeled and handcrafted one by one in our Sabadell workshop, using high-quality resin and photo-etched metal parts to provide greater detail.

Porsche 718 W-RS Porsche 718 W-RS

With this model we are also taking a step forward in sustainability. Most of the materials used in its construction, from resin to paint, are local and recyclable products, helping to take care of the environment.

Our commitment is to manufacture our cars with the least environmental impact. This includes both the materials, such as the selection of external suppliers, and the workshop and our work instruments.

Porsche 718 W-RS Porsche 718 W-RS Porsche 718 W-RS

Production is limited and numbered to 150 units, showed in a new walnut trunk-type wooden box. With a resin diorama that represents the exit of the Mulsanne curve in 1963.

October 2021


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